Total Access Relationships

God made man in his own likeness and image. God made man relational. With these two facts firmly in mind we must realize that God is also relational. He wants to have relationships with each of us. I for one am glad He does. I’ve always enjoyed friendships and companionship. I have especially enjoyed spending time with people who are smarter and more interesting than me. God definitely fits that description.

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Total Access to Grace

Isn’t it great to know that God offers us Total Access to His Grace. We moms can only to do so much, but God’s Grace enables us to do exactly what we need to be doing, as long as we will turn to Him.

As a homeschool wife and mother, I am responsible for caring for my home, loving my husband and assisting him when he needs me, and loving and care for the needs of my children, which includes making sure they get a good education.

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New School Year and New Recipes

Meredith and I are so busy getting ready for the school year to start. It’s true. We are keeping our old-fashioned schedules and waiting till September to start school. We are working hard to start two co-ops this week. Busy, busy, busy. We hope you are all doing well with your busy schedules as well.

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An Orphan at the Door

I read a book years ago about a family that started a boarding school in their rather large home. On occasion this couple would take in orphans if they came recommended and the family believed that they could make something of the boy.

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Summer should be for fun!?

We are all homeschool parents so we know that this is a myth. The children want a break from schoolwork so they can have fun. We want a break from school work for the same reason sometimes. Reality is different however.

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Happy Memorial Day!

I hope this message finds you all well. We have been studying American History in our Co-op this year. The children learned about what prompted our brave founders to come to the New World. They learned how our ancestors fought bravely and sacrificed much to break free from the tyranny which practically enslaved them. They learned about how our Founding Father’s crafted our government into the finest example of cooperation and freedom the world has seen in thousands of years.

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We’ve Been Absent Too Long

Good afternoon!

Is anybody out there?

I wouldn’t be surprised if all our readers have given us up for dead. Meredith has continued writing articles for the Take Root and Write digital magazine. I’ve been working hard with my own children, as well as the science and math students I’m helping from other families.

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I Have a Goal

Goal setting is an amazing but underused tool. How many homeschool moms actually set goals for themselves and their families? I’m not talking about goals like, “finish the math book by the end of May.” I’m talking about real goals.

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Merey’s Great!!

My business partner and best friend Meredith is amazing. I tell people that often, as much for her good as for mine. You see the world is full of so much negative. Even things that put on a facade of positive advice are negative. This influence can be so damaging to individuals and good friendships, so constant battle becomes necessary. The best way I know to battle for my friend and my friendship with Meredith is to remind everybody, especially myself, how wonderful she is.

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Let’s get healthy God’s way!!

I’ve been working for a few years at getting my health back. I’ve been overweight since I had my first child in 1990 and the pounds just continued to stick to me more and more each year, with a few dips while trying to recover from years of bad health and bad eating.

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