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Home Sweet Home

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Mike & Meredith Curtis

 Joyful and Successful Marriages

Two are better than one! God has blessed us with our spouses! We are able to build each other up in the Lord, work together to raise godly children, and enjoy the beauty of romantic love! We also have the opportunity to rub off those rough edges for one another! Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about! Marriage is God's plan and a good one!



Enjoy one another's wedding photos! To submit your wedding photo, email the photograph as an attachment to admin@joyfulandsuccessfulhomeschooling.com and be sure to include name and date of weddings! The file will not be returned.

The Nolette Family

Joyful and Successful Families


Families are beautiful creations of God! What a creative hodge-podge of people live in our home! We laugh, live and love together for the glory of God! We learn to resolve conflict, work through difficulties and survive trials together-because we're all on the same team-a winning team, coached by God Himself!


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Children's Stories 



The Curtis Family 


Lovely Dining Room

 Joyful and Successful Homemaking

Women are given the joy and responsibility to manage their homes! Let's rule and reign in that call to create a home for our families! What a precious and rewarding job! From washing dishes to scrapbooking, from changing diapers to interior decorating; the art of keeping a house is one that keeps us growing and relying on God's grace & wisdom!


Jimmy at the Punch

Joyful and Successful Hospitality

Hospitality is the mark of a leader! In fact, a man cannot be an elder is he is not in the habit of hospitality! Jesus showed hospitality to Andrew and his friend. Afterward, Andrew went and told Peter that he'd found the Messiah! Let your house be a place where the Presence of Jesus refreshes and transforms lives!


Dinner at campsite

Recipes & Menus

What should I fix for dinner? Shopping lists, menus, shopping tips and all kinds of recipes are right here for you! Enjoy! If you have recipes you want to share, send them to Laura! Please use the format on the web site!


18th Birthday Cake

Family Traditions & Celebrations

Birthdays, vacations, Christmas, holidays, family nights and family devotions ideas! Use traditions and celebrations to celebrate God's goodness; create a sense of family identity and security; and pass on a godly heritage to your children! You are making joyful memories that will last a lifetime! Enjoy!


Jim & Josh Burried in the sand

Money Management

Do you feel like you are in a hole that you need to get out of? God's principles work!!!!!! You can be a successful steward of God's resources in your life! Make a commitment today to put Him first by tithing, budgeting, getting out of debt, honoring Jesus by giving to the poor!


Beezie's Birthday

Time Management

This is a picture from my grandmother, Beezie's 100th birthday! Not all of us are given 100 years, so let's do the best we can to number our days - honor Jesus with our time - and enjoy the wonderful life!

Curtis Collage 


Garden Stairwell