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Katie Beths Grace Home Schoolers High School Graduation

We desire to equip you to homeschool your teenager. Your passion is to see your children grow up to walk in their calling and destiny as children of God. Our passion is to see you homeschool as an Over-comer, More-than-Conqueror, Confident Woman of God! God can bless and anoint you to homeschool with JOY! Invest carefully in the treasure(s) that God has entrusted to you. Your teenagers are awesome men and women who can be used by God to change the world! Our hearts are for you! Know that you are loved and we are cheering you on!

Enjoying & Understanding Your Teen
Are all teens rebellious? Absolutely not! Are all teens squirrely? Why, yes, they are! They can't help it! It's that "hormones are raging" thing! What a wonderful age of passion, silliness, and deep seriousness. Though, I'm certainly glad that my teen years are behind me, I am delighted with my own teenagers! What fun we have together! And how they inspire me to be sold out for Jesus!

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Options & Grad Requirements & College PrepReady, Aim, Fire! It's just a matter of knowing what needs to be done and doing it! There are so many possibilities for the high school years in the way of classes and courses. The graduation requirements are simple and leave a lot of room for freedom and individualization. College preparation is easier than you think! A friend guided me through my first high school graduation, college application & admission process! I would be happy to guide you through too!

High School ArticlesHere are articles just for you! Cover a wide variety of topics relating to homeschooling high school. These articles are meant to encourage you! We want you to be joyful and successful!!

 High School ClassesHere are some of the high school classes that I have designed for my children. Please feel free to use them as is, or adapt them to fit your family's needs. I hope they will be a blessing!

 Transcripts & Record KeepingRecord keeping in high school is a little more important than in earlier years because you are dealing with "credit hours." Your teens can actually keep track of their own credit hours! Transcripts are easier to make than you think!

 Preparation for Life, Marriage, & FamilyWe'll know if we are successful when we see our children's children! Inspire your children to pass the baton to the next generation! Prepare them to have happy, healthy homes! Steer them in the right direction with godly work habits and a heart to serve!

 Courtship or DatingCan guys and girls "just be friends?" We think they can! In fact, we believe that this is the healthiest way to set a foundation for healthy marriages in the future!