'Tis the Season to be Generous

“Are you going to give him some money, Mom?” Jimmy asked as we left Wal-Mart and were passing a man collecting for the Salvation Army. Suddenly, I felt self-conscious. I fumbled in my purse, finding my change purse and extracting a handful of coins, I dropped them into the Salvation Army bucket. In my heart, [...]

Favorite Writing Curricula

It is hard to find good writing curriculum for your home school. There is a wealth of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and phonics workbooks out there to choose from, but teaching children to write is a greater challenge.It goes beyond memorization and recall to processing information and communicating that information clearly so that others can process [...]

The Myth of Evolution

Evolution is a scientific hypothesis which states that through a series of tiny changes life has come from from non-living chemicals. After a continuation of gradual minute changes increasingly complex and diverse life forms have been born. The culmination of all these modifications has produced the current collection of living organisms. A scientific hypothesis is [...]

Ready, Set, Grow! Gardening with Children

10 Amazing Benefits of Gardening with Children Build A Strong Immune System Kids who eat lots of fruits and vegetables tend to have stronger immune systems than those that don’t. A strong immune systems is a big deterrent to viruses and allergies. Cultivate Peacefulness We feel at peace in garden. Our first home was a [...]

Finish Well 2013 Homeschooling High School Conference is coming!!

Back From Europe Refreshed & Ready For Finish Well 2013 Homeschooling High School Conference In case you aren’t receiving the Finish Well Newsletters we have republished it here for your. You can subscribe to the newsletter at the Finish Well Homeschooling High School Conference website, and have them sent right to your email inbox! My [...]

Even the Poor Can Have the Education of a King

We were recently in Biblical Government class when the discussion about taking care of the poor and taking the appropriate rolls of personal, family, church, business, and state government turned to the questions of what about education. Education is the most vital resource in this modern industrialized computerized space-age national which America has become. This [...]

Nov 292011

Christ-Centered Festivities Take time this Christmas to enjoy festivities with a purpose to honor Christ, build relationships, and reach the harvest. Here is my powerpoint from the Ultimate Homeschool Holiday Expo.

Nov 202011

Karen’s Pumpkin Bread   ⅔ Cup Oil 2⅔ Cup Sugar or 2 Cups Honey 4 Eggs 1 Can (16-Oz.) Pumpkin ⅔ Cup Water or ⅓ Cup If using Honey 3⅓ Cups Flour 2 tsp. Baking Soda 1½ tsp. Salt ½ tsp. Baking Powder 1 tsp. Cinnamon ⅔ Cup Chopped Nuts ⅔ Cup Raisins   Stir [...]

Nov 202011

Laura’s Corn Muffins   ¼ Cup Shortening, Melted 1 Cup Corn Meal 1 Cup Flour ½ Cup Sugar 4 tsp. Baking Powder ½ tsp. Salt 1¼ Cup Milk 1 Egg, Beaten   Heat oven to 400°F. Prepare muffin tins with paper cups, or by greasing each of 12 cups. Combine dry ingredient. Add melted shortening, [...]

Nov 202011

Brined Turkey 10 lb. Frozen Turkey, Thawed 2 Cups Kosher Salt, or 1 Cup Table Salt 2 T Garlic powder 2 T Onion powder 2 T Dried Ground Oregano 1 T Dried Ground Basil 1 T Dried Ground Marjoram 1 T Dried Ground Thyme 1 Large Onion, Wedged 5 Cloves Garlic, Peeled ¼ Cup Butter, [...]

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