We’ve got a new store!!

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Jul 252013
We've got a new store!!

We’ve been working hard at Powerline Productions, Inc. lately. So hard in fact that we have completely neglected our blog. That needs to change, and it will. For right now though, we have a couple of announcements… We have a new online store. Right now we have 17 of our titles available to purchase for […]

The Myth of Evolution

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Nov 052012
The Myth of Evolution

Evolution is a scientific hypothesis which states that through a series of tiny changes life has come from from non-living chemicals. After a continuation of gradual minute changes increasingly complex and diverse life forms have been born. The culmination of all these modifications has produced the current collection of living organisms. A scientific hypothesis is […]

New School Year and New Recipes

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Sep 032011
New School Year and New Recipes

Meredith and I are so busy getting ready for the school year to start. It’s true. We are keeping our old fashioned schedules and waiting till September to start school. We are working hard to start two co-ops this week. Busy, busy, busy. We hope you are all doing well with your busy schedules as […]

Jul 252011
Finish Well is Back Again

We want to equip homeschooling families to finish the high school years well with a firm foundation of faith before hitting college or the workplace. It’s about more than just finishing school to “get it over with”; it’s about preparing the next generation to change the world, to stand firm in their beliefs, and to […]

Fall into Grace

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Oct 062009

Greetings, Joyful and Successful Homeschoolers! A big hug to all of you this lovely autumn day!  Here in FL, the sun is still warming our days with the intensity of summer, but last week we got a sneak preview at colder days!  We even turned off the air and opened the windows! Today was a […]

Updates from Powerline Productions

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Sep 172009

Good morning, Joyful and Successful Homeschoolers! What a lovely day!  I’m finally catching a breathe this week.  Mondays are jam-packed with work at home–our biggest homeschool work day.  Tuesdays, five families arrive at my house for USA History Coop.  What a fun, exhausting day.  We talked about John Smith, Pocahontas, and Jamestown this week, but […]

NEAR HIM Homeschool Meeting Aug 27, 2009

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Aug 252009

NearHim Home Edcuators invites you to celebrate the new school year with Terry True, Linda Moedinger, and Anne Marie Sargent. These three experienced ladies will share the ins and outs, the successes and the realities, of their homeschooling journeys with the hope that you will leave feeling encouraged and inspired. Join us August 27, 2009 […]

Finish Well Enjoying the Homeschooling Journey

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Jul 032009

Dear Friends! Here is an opportunity to be equipped and encouraged to teach high school with joy and success! If you are in this adventure or are considering this adventure in the future, come out and be blessed! I am offering a free Homeschooling High School Seminar with workshops and a panel discussion. I am […]

TOS Magazine Renewal Special

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Jun 292009
TOS Magazine Renewal Special

What a great deal TOS is offering.  Be sure to renew your subscription and check out all the gifts that you will receive!  http://www.thehomeschoolmagazine.com/TOSSummer19Gifts/sears/index.html  I enjoy TOS Magazine and you will too!  Check out the info here: http://www.thehomeschoolmagazine.com/TOSSummer19Gifts/ Here is a link to the TOS Store where you can learn more!  There is also a […]