Jul 252011
Finish Well is Back Again

We want to equip homeschooling families to finish the high school years well with a firm foundation of faith before hitting college or the workplace. It’s about more than just finishing school to “get it over with”; it’s about preparing the next generation to change the world, to stand firm in their beliefs, and to […]

Math Success in High School

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Jul 212011
Math Success in High School

Last night I was interviewed for the Ultimate Homeschool Expo on the topic of Math Success in High School. I thought I’d share the highlights with you here today. It takes two things to succeed at High School math. Your student must believe they can do it. Your student must have good “math” work habits. […]

Summer should be for fun!?

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Jul 122011

We are all homeschool parents so we know that this is a myth. The children want a break from schoolwork so they can have fun. We want a break from school work for the same reason sometimes. Reality is different however. Some children need to keep working on at least a few subjects to keep […]