Holiday Recipes: Corn Muffins

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Nov 202011

Laura’s Corn Muffins   ¼ Cup Shortening, Melted 1 Cup Corn Meal 1 Cup Flour ½ Cup Sugar 4 tsp. Baking Powder ½ tsp. Salt 1¼ Cup Milk 1 Egg, Beaten   Heat oven to 400°F. Prepare muffin tins with paper cups, or by greasing each of 12 cups. Combine dry ingredient. Add melted shortening, […]

Holiday Recipes: Brined Turkey

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Nov 202011

Brined Turkey 10 lb. Frozen Turkey, Thawed 2 Cups Kosher Salt, or 1 Cup Table Salt 2 T Garlic powder 2 T Onion powder 2 T Dried Ground Oregano 1 T Dried Ground Basil 1 T Dried Ground Marjoram 1 T Dried Ground Thyme 1 Large Onion, Wedged 5 Cloves Garlic, Peeled ¼ Cup Butter, […]

Total Access to Worship

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Nov 102011
Total Access to Worship

We serve a wonderful God! We are so blessed to be able to do this. He is Great! The Psalmist can sometimes overwhelm us with his expressions of admiration and appreciation of our Lord. The Lord can definitely overwhelm us with His love and greatness. Do you ever feel like you couldn’t possibly worship the Lord in […]

Nov 032011
Review of Celebrate the Savior

“Look at this baby book!” I grabbed Laura’s arm and pulled her over to the table with the baby book on display. Laura, who was gazing at science curriculum, reluctantly allowed herself to be dragged away. We were at the FPEA Homeschool Convention in May, 2008 at the vendors’ hall. “Look! It’s a baby book […]