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About Us

Meredith and Laura have been friends for years. They began homeschooling together in 2000 but between the two of them there is more than 30 years of homeschooling experience. Please take some time to visit us at our web site joyfulandsuccesfulhomeschooling.com!

Meredith is on the right wearing stripes. Laura is on the left wearing purple. This was at the 2003 FPEA Homeschool Convention when Katie Beth was graduating from High School

Meet the Curlette Family. It includes all the Curtises, all the Nolettes, Aisha, Dara (not pictured) and Dom, who are now living with the Curtises, and everybody’s Favorite Aunt Julie! We’re at another high school graduation. It’s Jenny Roses’ turn this time. That’s four finished and five more to go.

Mike and Meredith Curtis and their four daughters and one son.

Donald and Laura Nolette and their three sons and one daughter.