Favorite Christmas Traditions

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Nov 192012
Favorite Christmas Traditions

What fun to open stockings at Christmas!  There is something about putting your hand inside and wondering what you will touch.  Enchantment and wonder seem to go along with Christmas.  What makes Christmas so special?  Often, what warms our hearts are the memories of Christmas traditions. “At Christmas, we always….” Christmas Breakfast Mary remembers a favorite Christmas […]

Ready, Set, Grow! Gardening with Children

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Oct 302012
Ready, Set, Grow! Gardening with Children

10 Amazing Benefits of Gardening with Children Build A Strong Immune System Kids who eat lots of fruits and vegetables tend to have stronger immune systems than those that don’t. A strong immune systems is a big deterrent to viruses and allergies. Cultivate Peacefulness We feel at peace in garden. Our first home was a […]

Jan 092012
Finish Well 2012

It is a lovely sunny September day here in Central Florida. I am already counting the days until we can all be together at Finish Well in February 2012. What fun it will be to see familiar faces from the past conferences and to meet new friends. If you are homeschooling high school or heading […]

Oct 062011
Total Access Relationships

God made man in his own likeness and image. God made man relational. With these two facts firmly in mind we must realize that God is also relational. He wants to have relationships with each of us. I for one am glad He does. I’ve always enjoyed friendships and companionship. I have especially enjoyed spending […]

Let’s get healthy God’s way!!

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Jan 052010
Let's get healthy God's way!!

I still believe that sugary treats pack too many calories in too little nutrition so I limit them. More importantly I limit them because eating them is an indulgence which does not honor the Lord or take care of my body which is Jesus’ temple. I still believe that daily exercise is the best way to improve my weight and my heart function so I do it. More importantly I do it because it strengthens my body so that I can stand and worship Jesus for and hour at church while playing the bass every week.

Nov 152009

With the economy the way it is, many of you may be considering starting your own business to bring in some extra income for your family.  If you are interested in starting up a home business, these articles may be helpful. Starting Your Own Business Part I (Reasons for Starting Your Own Business, Pitfalls to […]

Homeschooling Personalities

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Nov 152009

Personalities affect homeschooling.  Interested in how personalities affect homeschooling?  Here are four articles that explain how personalities affect our teaching, our children’s learning, and what happens when personalities collide.  Enjoy!   What Homeschooling Personality are You? Part I (Sanguines and Melancholies) What Homeschooling Personality are You?  Part II (Cholerics and Plegmatics) What Personalities are You […]