The Problems of Dating and the Joys of Courting

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Jan 182012
The Problems of Dating and the Joys of Courting

I walked into work the other day and was asking my co-worker Jill how she was doing. She quickly gave me an all too familiar look that told me that she and her newest boyfriend were having trouble. Over the last five years I have watched as Jill has entered into one relationship after another […]

Oct 062011
Total Access Relationships

God made man in his own likeness and image. God made man relational. With these two facts firmly in mind we must realize that God is also relational. He wants to have relationships with each of us. I for one am glad He does. I’ve always enjoyed friendships and companionship. I have especially enjoyed spending […]

Merey’s Great!!

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Jan 132010
Merey's Great!!

Most people think that they need to go to some self help book to get advice on how to deal with the troubles they are experiencing in life. They end up following fine sounding advice which leads them into exactly the wrong direction. They forget, or don’t know, that the Bible is filled with “rules for healthy living.” They aren’t just random rules to make life difficult. They are instructions on how the world really is and how you can best get along in it.