Jan 112012
Even the Poor Can Have the Education of a King

We were recently in Biblical Government class when the discussion about taking care of the poor and taking the appropriate rolls of personal, family, church, business, and state government turned to the questions of what about education. Education is the most vital resource in this modern industrialized computerized space-age national which America has become. This […]

Feb 152009
Heads Up Now Review

“What are these things?” my daughter mused, as she and my son examined the contents of my latest package of materials to review for the TOS Crew. “I have no idea,” I admitted to them and quickly looked through the package for an explanation!  “Here it is!  They are Heads Up Frames and Heads Up […]

Feb 062009
Math Tutor DVDs Review

“I’d love to homeschool, but I’m scared to teach my kids math,” is a cry of despair I have heard through the years. Now, there is a solution for those who would rather have someone else teach their children math, but don’t want to take them to one more outside activity!  We really need daily help […]