Sep 032011
New School Year and New Recipes

Meredith and I are so busy getting ready for the school year to start. It’s true. We are keeping our old fashioned schedules and waiting till September to start school. We are working hard to start two co-ops this week. Busy, busy, busy. We hope you are all doing well with your busy schedules as […]

Dec 052009
One Cookie Dough:  Five Cookies

My  husband shocked me and got the tree a week earlier than planned!  I wanted to decorate it right away!  So, I moved the traditional family night of tree decorating ahead a whole week.  Then came the problem…not enough time to do the baking.  We always eat homemade Christmas cookies, drink eggnog and hot chocolate, […]

Take a Moment

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Nov 102009
Take a Moment

I’m terrible sorry that we haven’t been posting in a couple of week. It’s November and everybody is busy. Powerline Productions is no exception. The test kitchens are going full tilt and the employees are running around nonstop. Meredith is gearing up for a talk at a local homeschool support group and I am preparing […]


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Oct 202009

Good afternoon my lovely homeschoolers!! It is officially Autumn. Not because it is after September 21st. Not because the weather has been horribly chilled lately, but because I have made my pumpkin custard. It’s true. It’s not autumn in the Nolette household until Mom makes the pumpkin custard. Most of my family LOVES it. Thanks […]

Jul 212009
July is prep month in the Nolette house

I have a confession to make… I am a disorganized, undisciplined homeschool mom. Strike that. Make it, I WAS a disorganized, undisciplined homeschool mom. That was my natural bent. To put it bluntly, I am scatter-brained. I get great ideas then I get board and move on to another great idea. I love, not like, […]

Dec 302008
Celebrate the New Year with the Lord!

The following article first appeared on  Take Root and Write You can read more articles on holidays here: It is time to celebrate!  We celebrate because we are loved!  We celebrate because God is good!  We celebrate because we are safe in His love!  Let’s celebrate with the Lord and HIs Word so […]