Read Aloud

One of the best things parents can do is to read aloud to their children. Choose beautifully, illustrated, well-written picture books that capture the interest of your little ones.

Reading aloud gets children ready to read and helps readers to be stronger readers.

Don’t forget to let children read aloud, too.

After Phonics

After children learn to sound out words, they need to read lots and lots of fun, easy-to-understand books. The more they read, the more their reading will improve.

If they like a series, like the Boxcar Children, let them read all the books in the series. Children are often drawn to a book because of a character. Your goal now is to increase reading skills: fluency, speed, comprehension.

Read, Read, Read!

Once children can read, it’s time to read classic books that are well-written and share a timeliness message.

Don’t bog children down with writing book reports. Let them read, read, read! Reading builds vocabulary and learning skills.

Pre-Teen, Teen, Adult

Children will be ready for these books at different ages. Start with the young adult list and move on to the high school lists.

Classics are timeless and ageless. It is fine for children and teens to bounce back and forth between lists.

Free Reading Lists