Beige Graduation Cap

Homeschooling high school is Fun! Teaching teens is an adventure and the ways to fulfill those credits are endless.

Somehow we have to pull all those creative ideas together and make a plan so that our teens learn what they need to know before they graduate, and get credit for learning those things. We also have to create some kind of schedule so that allows for the interruptions of life, while give us a weekly routine that allows us to teach and learn. You can learn more about that on the other homeschooling high school pages.

Since we have been homeschooling since the 1990s, we have created more than our share of high school lesson plans and assignment schedules.

We want to share some of these lesson plans with you.

Our lesson plans are NOT products. They are NOT free products. They are simply our own planning/brainstorming pages from the “Good Old Days.” We are giving you a glimpse into what we did with our teens.

You will also find information about courses, credits, and planning your own curriculum/putting together high school courses.

We hope you enjoy your high school homeschool adventure.

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