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On the Lighter Side!


For healthy bodies and happy hearts, we need a daily dose of laughter! Our children can always provide a chuckle with the cute things they do and say! Refuse to take yourself too seriously! Be lighthearted and look for things to pass on to others to make them smile too!  

Veggie Face

"A cheerful heart is good medicine!"

Proverbs 17:22 (New International Version)

New International Version (NIV)

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Ramblings of a Florida Cracker and Homeschool Dad

Orange Blossoms"Florida really does have four seasons," claims Steve Smith, father of two.  


The Shotgun  A memory of learning to shoot with Dad!


The Practical Joke  A funny send-off to a buddy going into the military!


Steve Smith needs a new kidney! For more information, see our church website!


Children Do and Say the Funniest Things...

When Jenny Rose was a toddler, she swallowed a large pill that didn't go down all the way.

"Are you okay?" she was asked when she clutched her heart with her chubby little hands.

"What's wrong?" someone else wanted to know.

"The pill got stuck where Jesus lives!" she answered!


I was swimming and playing with my kids in our pool. I decided to have some fun and got the hose and sprayed them. My 7 year old son, Saxon was getting frustrated with my silliness and stuck his hands on his hips and said, "Mommy Louise (Louise being my middle name) rifle innocence stop that now!"

We all were chuckling and said to Saxon, "It's right this instance―not rifle innocence!"

―Mary Smith

We once had a cat that had kittens. We decided that we would give them all away but one kept crawling out of the box. All of my siblings grew to love this kitten over the 8 week period before the litter could be separated from their mother. My dad put the cats in his car and began driving to the local pound where they would be sent to their new homes. He gave them the box and returned to his car only to find a kitten sitting on the passenger seat. He decided to let us keep the cat and we named him Determined.

As I said earlier we all loved Determined, in fact we even had a leash so we could take him on walks. One day my sisters were walking him and they decided to run inside and get something so they tied him to the back of my dad's car. Now, my dad did not realize the cat was tied onto his bumper and he was just leaving to go to work. When he got home there was a collar and leash attached to his car but there was no cat.

Everyone was extremely upset and my dad felt horrible. My siblings mourned for their beloved kitten. After two weeks when everyone was sure Determined was no more, something surprising happened. Determined walked into our yard and acted as if nothing had ever happened. It really is a miracle that this cat could survive being dragged on the back of a car over the cold, rough Michigan roads. From that point on he was called "Determined The Wonder-cat".

―Brian Webb, Homeschooler!

When Maerissa was about 8 years old we were driving home from the store and she got all upset while listening to the radio. She looked at me with disgust and said, "That song lies! I do not play with my food!" Stephen and I laughed and said honey, the song is saying, "Everybody plays the fool."

―Mary Smith

Funny Eyes
These are not his real eyes, they are painted on his eyelids―his eyes are really closed!

My kids were arguing about eye color, who had what..

"Daddy has brown eyes," said Maerissa my 8 year old.

"Mommy has basil," said her 6 year old brother Saxon.

"Basil", said Maerissa? "I thought that was a seasoning! It's Hazel!!"

―Mary Smith

I love to try out new roads to―see where they go. That's how I find my short-cuts! But sometimes, I don't quite remember my "short-cuts" and other times my adventures got me lost!

Years ago, we began to follow a similar pattern: leave, drive, get lost, find our way again & reach our destination.

I realized this pattern because when we were driving somewhere, they would ask, "Are we lost yet?"

―Meredith Curtis

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Family JokesHere are our favorite jokes & silly sayings!


Phunny Fotos!An adventure with photography turned into some great pictures with a few tweaks on the computer!

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HairstylesRemember when we thought we looked so cool? Hairstyles come and go, but some are better left forgotten! Let's enjoy laughing at the past!


OutfitsAdmit it, you never thought your favorite songs would be oldies! How about those oldies outfit?


ConfessionThis is a true story! It is one of my many adventures as a worship leader!


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Moms & Dads Do & Say the Funniest Things!

I went through this stage where whenever I backed out of a driveway, I ran over a mailbox. It happened so often that we had a drill. After I realized that I'd run over the mail box, the children would get out of the car and pull it back up. Then they'd jump back in the car and I'd quickly drive away. One day, I was visiting my friend, determined that I would leave her mailbox intact, so I was carefully backing up my car, avoiding her mailbox. When I heard a loud crunch, I put the car back in park, turned off the motor, and hopped out to see what I'd hit.

A landscape technician was clutching his heart! I had missed him, but run over his edger, weed eater and blower. He was very nice about it, but I decided to go back to mailboxes! (I haven't run over a mailbox in eight years, but I do think that the concrete boxes that service ten houses in newer developments are the result of my escapades years ago!!!)

―Meredith Curtis

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Links to Funny Places!

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