Is there anything that the Old Schoolhouse magazine publishes that isn’t excellent?  From their magazine to their books and from their e-newsletters to their Schoolhouse Planner. everything is practical and motivational. This new module, Schoolhouse Planner December Module:  Let’s be Scientists! is no exception!  Although it is a supplement to the Schoolhouse Planner, it is really an e-book on teaching science to your family with creativity!

Though it caught me by surprise that the December issue was about science, rather than Christmas, homemaking, or some other more December-ish topic, I enjoyed reading through the ebook.  All the activities were simple and fun!  This e-book focuses on chemistry and human anatomy with fun hands-on activities.  My favorites were the Make Your Own Slime and the Glowing Jello.  Is there a better way to learn chemistry than in the kitchen?  The only possible exception might be making your own invisible ink!  Doesn’t every child dream of writing with invisible ink?

After spending several pages on chemistry, this 54-page e-book switches to human anatomony with a quick run down of the body systems.  Then it’s on to science experiments:  See Your Pulse and How Do Your Taste Buds Work?.

Workbook, copywork, and coloring pages follow.  And, of course, every module has some yummy recipes!  This is a fun book you can purchase for $7.95 at The Old Schoolhouse Store:

Merry Christmas to you and your little scientists!


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