God’s Word is True.

The Bible was written by God through men inspired by the Holy Spirit. In His Word, the Lord reveals Who He Is, His Love for us, and His Amazing Plan of Salvation. All of the Old Testament points to Jesus Christ, God the Son, and in the New Testament we meet Jesus Christ the Messiah and His fledgling church.

God’s Word is Powerful!

Scripture penetrates to the depths of our heart and reveals His personal love and plan for us. It exposes our wrong attitudes, goals, and desires and shows us God’s ways and the way we should live. The Bible addresses all of life!

God’s Word is Full of Promises.

The Lord’s very great and precious promises gives us all we need for life and godliness and keep us effective and productive as we seek first His Kingdom and righteousness. His promises often have conditions, but He delights in fulfilling them in our lives and hearts.

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