What a glorious privilege to be ladies in the Kingdom of God!

We are specially created to reflect God’s glory, love, and mercy as women to those in our lives. Wow! God’s plan for us is perfect.

Though completely equal in value and standing before the Lord, our call is different than the call the Lord brings to His men. He created us to bring forth life, to nurture life, to add beauty, to extend tenderness.

We all long to be beautiful, to surround ourselves with beauty. We long to bring joy to others and to experience that joy in our own hearts.

Ladies are relational. We value relationships. We care about people. We strive to create a home for our family to rest in. We want people to be the best they can be. We invest in people. People matter and that makes us want to be world changers and raise wold changers.

Whether you are single or married, Jesus is the only Perfect Man and He will be a husband and father to you. If you are a mother, or a woman with spiritual sons and daughters, God will pour His love through you to impact the people in your life. Draw close to Him and He will take good care of you, no matter how others behave.

If you are lonely, rejected, or hurting, Jesus can heal your heart.

Wherever you are, whatever your dream, whoever you are called to be, Jesus has a glorious plan to use you in a mighty way to love Him, experience His love, and extend His Kingdom. Enjoy this life with Him! Celebrate His goodness!

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