Grandparents Rock

Our homeschooling adventures have been enriched by our wonderful parents and my grandmother.

Laura’s Mom taught Phoebe sewing one year. Laura’s Dad got together with Cody once a week for woodworking. It turned out Cody had a real gift of creating beautiful projects in wood that was nurtured by his Grandfather.

We spent a month with my grandmother after Mike graduated from seminary. That was a precious time for our sweet babies Katie Beth and Julianna. They cooked, baked bread, listened to old family stories, fixed Beezie’s hair like a “teenager’s”, and enjoyed lots of cuddle time.

Mike’s Dad, a former twelfth grade English teacher, created two audio classes for my teenagers: short story course and Shakespeare course. These were amazing!

My own Mom was a librarian with a love for books. She taught our kids to explore the library with a plan and use the plentiful resources they provide. She also scooped up classic books that the library was tossing out and gifted our own homeschool library for which we are grateful.

Daddy, well, he was always there with financial help when we were going to through tough financial times. He helped us several years to purchase homeschooling books.

Tea with Grandmas
Napping with Grandpa
Grandpa Lew Fishing
Sitting with Grandy
Grandmerey and baby

Grandparents Rock
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