Summer should be for fun!?

Some children need to keep working on at least a few subjects to keep the rhythm going. Some children need to keep working because they never finished the work during the “school year”. Some families like to spread the work out for all twelve months with smaller breaks in between. Some families like to teach their children that a job goes year-round so the family works at school year-round as well.

Around my house school is scheduled from the day after Labor Day (which is the first Monday in September) through the middle to end of May. Many of their subjects can be finished by April. I want my kids to have plenty of time to be creative. We want to have fun here in the Florida sun. They are all musicians and this schedule gives them months to work on song writing and practicing their instruments. This also give me time to work on my own projects.

Do you like projects? Do you craft, do needlework, sew, paint, draw, play an instrument, or write stories? There are so many great things to do with our time, if only we weren’t looking over a daydreamers shoulder making sure that those marks on the paper are the math problems not a doodle. My kids doodle, dawdle, write song lyrics, and just plain stare so much during the school year, that homeschooling them is a full time job. But we keep plugging through. I keep putting aside my projects.

I’ve rambled on a bit, but I’m getting to a point.

It’s worth it!

My oldest son is a Junior at Stetson University. I am so proud of his hard work. The best thing about Zack is that he loves the Lord. He pursues a strong relationship with Jesus, daily. He looks out for his younger siblings to make sure that they are staying on the straight and narrow path and also pursuing a strong relationship with Jesus. That all came from pressing through and homeschooling him for all those years.

If Zack had gone away from me to school, it would have been impossible to keep his focus on the Lord in ANY way. In the teen years when his focus tried to wonder away from Jesus to more selfish pursuits, I (and his church family) saw it and were able to call him back to the Lord. The only way we could do that was by schooling him at home.

That’s why we homeschool!! Keep your focus on the Lord. Keep THEIR focus on the Lord! “Raise up your children in the way of the Lord.”

So let’s have a great summer. Whether we’re goofing off and playing or we’re still working on classes. Let’s keep pursuing the Lord through it all!!

Thanks for stopping in!

Laura Nolette

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