Total Access to Worship

These are the questions we ask. These are the obstacles to our worship.

The good news is that thanks to Jesus, those thoughts in our minds are really the only obstacles in our way. God doesn’t necessarily want me to be a poet like King David. He only wants MY best. He wants me to give to Him only what He has already given to me.

The Lord has blessed me with some musical talent. I can play some instruments. I can sit down at the piano and play a song and sing words to my Lord and Savior which express my love for Him.  It doesn’t matter how creative my melodies are or how beautiful my voice is. It only matters what comes out of my heart. I want to do my best because my Father God deserves my best. The good news is that if my best doesn’t stand up under the scrutiny of Hollywood or Broadway, it’s OK.

He has also blessed me with a voice and two ears that work well. I can listen to others worshiping Him and I can repeat what I hear them singing. There are so many recordings available of all kinds of worshipers. My favorites are Third Day and any of the Hillsong groups. You can feel their love for the Lord. You can hear their appreciation for all that He is and all that He does. When I turn the music up loud enough, nobody can even hear me so it REALLY doesn’t matter how I sound. I love to put the music on when I’m alone in my car and just belt out the lyrics to show my love for God.

Sometimes we have so much emotion inside us that we simply cannot utter words. That is when we simply worship on our instruments, or dance! Turn your heart to the Lord and just ask Him to lead you to play or move in a way that will bless Him. It doesn’t matter if it is beautiful enough for somebody else to appreciate. It only matters if you really mean to express love and devotion to the Lord through it.

We Worship Because God deserves it.

God is all good, all loving, all knowing, all powerful, fully just, and fully worthy of everything good we have to offer. God is the creator of everything. God takes care of His people. God provided us a Savior so that we would have a way to join Him in Heaven despite our sinful nature. God gave us His Word, so that we would know about Him, His ways, and what He expects of us.

We Worship Because God wants it.

In Psalms and Song of Songs He have us excellent examples of how to pour our love out to Him. Read through those books and you will find a number of ways to express proper appreciation to God in almost every situation. These are not the only places to find love songs in the Bible. In Exodus 15 we find the Song of Moses and Miriam. Luke 1:46-55 gives us Mary’s Song. In I Samuel 2:1-10, Hannah expresses her great joy over God’s blessing with another fine example of worship.

We Worship Because it builds us up.

This last reason is really a selfish one but one that many people need to be aware of. Worshiping God, which is the only thing we should worship, will build us up. There is something about doing what we were made to do that makes us better. It makes sense, doesn’t it? When we use machines and tools the way they are intended to be used they work better. Why wouldn’t we?

When God set the universe in motion, he instituted what the scientists like to call, “laws of nature”. These are the way things work. Scientists can study the planets, the land, the sea, and the creatures that move about on the earth. While doing so they have “discovered” how gravity works, how planets orbit and rotate, how living creatures reproduce and multiply, and countless other “laws”. On top of that God has given us His Word, through divine revelation, which reveals to us many other things about how things work. The Bible is a user’s manual. When we read it and learn from it and put into place all the things that God recommends and commands, things work best.

God says, “work hard”, we feel better when we are hard workers.

God says, “tithe”, our finances stay sound when we tithe.

God says, “love your neighbor”, those around us respond favorably in some way when we demonstrability love them.

Because there is sin in the world this doesn’t show up 100% of the time as an absolute rule that we can witness. Spiritually speaking, it does, we just don’t always see that. Always remember that even in a sin tainted world, God wants you close to Him so when you worship Him, He will draw you closer and you will feel it. You will be built up by it.

Do you like to worship with a group?

Come to the Finish Well 12 Homeschooling High School Conference! We will be having congregational worship at the beginning of the Friday evening session and at the beginning of the Saturday evening session. We’re even offering Guitar, Electric Bass, and Vocal workshops during the breakout sessions. For information check us out at

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling!

Laura Nolette

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