Salem Ridge Press Review

What kind of company does a homeschool graduate start?A publishing company, of course!Daniel Mills, a homeschool grad, firmly believes that what we read forms our ideas and character.As a young man, he read two very old books, At Seneca Castle and Our Fellows.After reading them, he had a strong desire to republish them.Years later, Daniel decided to do just that!

Thank you, Daniel, for starting this company! What a blessing the books we’ve read so far have been! The first book I read was Glaucia, the Greek Slave.This book brought the early Roman times alive as I got emotionally involved with Glaucia and her brother who were sold into slavery to cover their father’s debt.Glaucia gives her heart to Christ and is faced with choices that require sacrifice and courage in the days of intense persecution of Christians.I also learned so many things about this time period without feeling like I was learning.I had decided that I would read the book and then “make” my children read the book too, but when I finished it, my response was different.“Hey, guys!This book is awesome!”After telling everyone about the book, they all wanted to read it too!

In the early days of Colonial America, settlers were sometimes kidnapped and raised by Indian tribes. The White Seneca is the story of Henry, who is captured by the Senecas and becomes the “The White Seneca.” Then he is captured by an enemy tribe…This is a great adventure! Your boys will love this book!

Daniel is the oldest of eight children who help evaluate his books. Mom and Dad are involved in the company too! This family atmosphere makes all the difference in the tone and style of this company. Salem Ridge Press is a great company to do business with for homeschoolers. Daniel’s heart is to be a blessing to homeschooling families. Daniel, you are a blessing already and I look forward to seeing all the other wonderful books that are republished in the years ahead.

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