Favorite Writing Curricula

It is hard to find good writing curriculum for your home school. There is a wealth of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and phonics workbooks out there to choose from, but teaching children to write is a greater challenge. It goes beyond memorization and recall to processing information and communicating that information clearly so that others can process it too! Yikes! Some children are naturally gifted at writing and others seem to hate it! But, all children can learn to write well!

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Review of Celebrate the Savior

“Look at this baby book!” I grabbed Laura’s arm and pulled her over to the table with the baby book on display.
Laura, who was gazing at science curriculum, reluctantly allowed herself to be dragged away. We were at the FPEA Homeschool Convention in May, 2008 at the vendors’ hall.
“Look! It’s a baby book for Jesus! Is that not the cutest thing in the whole world?” I cooed, picking it up and flipping through the pages. “Look, it says “Before Jesus was born, he was creating the world!” and this page says, “Here are the gifts baby received…” And, here is a page about His parents, God and Mary.”
By now, Laura was interested. We scanned through the book several times, and, of course, I had to buy the unit study.

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Google Calendar is Great!

I’ve talked in the past about my planning month. This year we are plugging along as usual and the planning is getting done. I only have one child left who isn’t in high school yet. Once my children are in high school I believe they need to be more involved in planning their day-to-day assignments.

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Merey’s Curriculum Review One Year Adventure Novel

I have fallen in love!  Yes, it’s true!  I have fallen in love with a writing curriculum that I received in the mail to review.  You are going to love this curriculum. Your high school teens are going to love this curriculum too.

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Merey’s Review: Salem Ridge Press

What kind of company does a homeschool graduate start? A publishing company, of course! Daniel Mills, a homeschool grad, firmly believes that what we read forms our ideas and character. As a young man, he read two very old books, At Seneca Castle and Our Fellows. After reading them, he had a strong desire to republish them. Years later, Daniel decided to do just that!

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Merey’s Review All About Homophones

Do you remember reading about Amelia Bedelia when you were a youngster? She was hilarious. A generation later, my daughter, Jenny Rose, fell in love with the Amelia Bedelia books by Peggy Parish and Lynn Sweat. Amelia always got everything confused. When she was told to draw (close) the drapes, she got out a pencil and drew the drapes. If the list said to bring the mail in, she grabbed a male and brought him into the house. Asked to water the flowers, she poured water into the bag of flour. She got herself into one scrape after another!

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Spears Art Studio K-8 & High School Art Survey Review

 What is it like to teach art from a Christian worldview perspective? Find out from Diane Spears, an artist, teacher, and theologian. With degrees in art, counseling, English, theology, and Christian education, she is more than qualified to write this curriculum! But, we, homeschooling moms, are more interested in having an art curriculum that is twaddle-free and WORKS with our children! From her years in a classroom teaching art, her assignments are easy to use for Mom and fun to do for the children.

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