Google Calendar is Great!

I’ve talked in the past about my planning month. This year we are plugging along as usual and the planning is getting done. I only have one child left who isn’t in high school yet. Once my children are in high school I believe they need to be more involved in planning their day-to-day assignments.

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One Response to “Google Calendar is Great!”

  1. Noelle Mena Says:

    Love this, and Love your pushing Meredith deeper into the world of neverending technology! I love Google Calendar! We have always used iCal on our Macs, but stopped everyone's act but mine so I set us all up with google calendars and then connected them all so we can all edit each others. (like I can add something they might so conveniently forget they must get done!) 🙂

    You know each calendar can have TASKS too! Love those, use them daily. Very very cool. Google just gets better and better. Great post and awesome info!

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