Favorite Writing Curricula

It is hard to find good writing curriculum for your home school. There is a wealth of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and phonics workbooks out there to choose from, but teaching children to write is a greater challenge. It goes beyond memorization and recall to processing information and communicating that information clearly so that others can process it too! Yikes! Some children are naturally gifted at writing and others seem to hate it! But, all children can learn to write well!

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Favorite Worship CDs

My favorite music is worship music.  Listening to worship CDs is a delight.  First, I sing along and, then, the next thing I know–my mind is on Jesus and I begin to think of all the wonderful things He has done for me!  Soon I’m thanking Him.  Before very long, my heart is captivated by Jesus Himself and who He is captures my mind completely! 

Our God is awesome!  How can we not sing songs to Him day and night when He has been so good to us?

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