NEAR HIM Homeschool Meeting Aug 27, 2009

Terry began homeschooling in 1987 only 2 years after the Florida home school law was in place. She was one of the founders of Grace Home Schoolers, a support group in Central Florida, and lead the group for several years. Terry has 5 children, 4 of whom have graduated from home. Although all four graduates qualified for Bright Futures, each approached the “after homeschooling days” differently. She is now homeschooling one, her youngest son, who will be a freshman in high school this year. Terry has been married to Danny for 32 years.

Linda began homeschooling her sons in the state of California. In 1995 she moved to Central Florida, continuing to homeschool and joining the leadership team of NHE in 1996. Her boys, both National Merit Scholars, graduated from homeschooling in 2003. One son accepted a full scholarship to Stetson University and the other accepted a full scholarship to the Burnett Honors College at UCF. Throughout her 13 years of homeschooling she at times described herself as: The Reluctant Homeschooler, The Frustrated Homeschooler, The Relaxed Homeschooler, and The Happy Homeschooler. Linda has been married to Harry for 26 years. Having completed her homeschooling journey, Linda enjoys spending time visiting North Carolina, visiting her sons in their far away locations, and volunteering with Northland’s Prison & Jail Ministry.

Anne Marie began homeschooling her 2 children in 1999 in Palm Beach County. She moved to Central Florida 6 years ago, joined Home Grown Kids and is now a member of the HGK board of directors. Her daughter is 15 years old and has special needs caused by a premature birth. Although they are not twins, both of her children are 9th graders this year. Her son is at the other end of the spectrum and has the opportunity to graduate early. Anne Marie has been married to Stan for 20 years.

Bring your questions for these ladies who have been there, done that.

(The panel discussion will immediately follow a short business portion of the meeting.)

This invitation was sent to me by my dear friend, Cheryl Bastian.  I heartily endorse Terry True and Linda Modinger, who are also dear friends of mine.  So much to learn from these dear ladies!

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling!

Meredith Curtis

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