Finish Well is Back Again

We want to equip homeschooling families to finish the high school years well with a firm foundation of faith before hitting college or the workplace. It’s about more than just finishing school to “get it over with”; it’s about preparing the next generation to change the world, to stand firm in their beliefs, and to succeed…not merely survive.

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Finish Well 2010 is Coming!

Equipping and training because you don’t want to just run the homeschooling high school race, you want to …

So many wonderful things were said at the end of the Finish Well Conference last years that we just had to bring it back again.

Our favorite was, “When are you doing this again?!”

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Two weeks ago I was out of town and last week I was out of it. Driving almost 1600 miles .

And does take a toll on the body. We went to Virginia for a wedding. My children who love the changing colors of the leaves really enjoyed it. I, however, am by no means a fan of the cold. It wasn’t terribly cold, but a nor’easter blew in with us and the weather was rainy and windy for a day and a half. Fortunately the weather cleared before the wedding and everything was lovely. The whole visit was wonderful. We were able to see so many relatives that we haven’t seen or even talked to in years. We were even able to witness the engagement of one of our nephews. I don’t think we could have asked for a better vacation.

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Take A Moment

Greetings, Joyful and Successful Homeschoolers!

A big hug to all of you this lovely autumn day!  Here in FL, the sun is still warming our days with the intensity of summer, but last week we got a sneak preview at colder days!  We even turned off the air and opened the windows!

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Updates from Powerline Productions

Good morning, Joyful and Successful Homeschoolers!

What a lovely day!  I’m finally catching a breathe this week.  Mondays are jam-packed with work at home–our biggest homeschool work day.  Tuesdays, five families arrive at my house for USA History Co-op.  What a fun, exhausting day.  We talked about John Smith, Pocahontas, and Jamestown this week, but also the kings and queens of England from the War of the Roses until Charles II and how English history affected the colonization of the Eastern coast of North America.  What fun!  We are watching the Drive Thru History Videos in this class too!  Boy, are they great!  I should do a review on them….I love them all!

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NEAR HIM Homeschool Meeting Aug 27, 2009

NearHim Home Edcuators invites you to celebrate the new school year with Terry True, Linda Moedinger, and Anne Marie Sargent. These three experienced ladies will share the ins and outs, the successes and the realities, of their homeschooling journeys with the hope that you will leave feeling encouraged and inspired. Join us August 27, 2009 at 7:00 in room 5208 of the Children’s Worship Wing in the Nortland Church main building. Dads are encouraged to attend. Childcare is not provided, but nursing babies are welcome.

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A Heritage in the Garden

I just returned from Delaware where I visited my sister.  Her birthday is today, so HAPPY Birthday, Julie!

When I got to her house, I kept noticing butterflies. I wondered if it was a blessing from the Lord to encourage us in our difficult time…we just lost our Daddy. But, within a day or two, I discovered that Julie had planted flowers specifically to attract butterflies.  They were lovely in beautiful shades of purple, pink, yellow, and red.  This led me to her lovely yard. 

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Of Course She Would Call!

Of course, she would call. Why wouldn’t she call? She called at 11:07PM. Nobody calls with good news at 11:07PM. DO they? I was worried when I saw my sister’s phone number come up on the caller ID. What has happened? Who’s in the hospital? These were the questions going through my mind as I answered the phone. I was expecting a frantic voice, or a cry. I heard instead a timid but excited thrill in her voice. “I wanted to thank you for talking to me this afternoon. It gave me a lot of good information that I needed to think about.”

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Finish Well Enjoying the Homeschooling Journey

Dear Friends!

Here is an opportunity to be equipped and encouraged to teach high school with joy and success! If you are in this adventure or are considering this adventure in the future, come out and be blessed!

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