Finish Well 2012

It is a lovely sunny September day here in Central Florida. I am already counting the days until we can all be together at Finish Well in February 2012. What fun it will be to see familiar faces from the past conferences and to meet new friends.

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The Secret of Joy in Homeschooling

Why is it that we complain about our husbands, children, and homeschooling?

Why do we struggle to be content?

Why do we love the idea of homeschooling, but have days where we hate educating our little ones?

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Finish Well is Back Again

We want to equip homeschooling families to finish the high school years well with a firm foundation of faith before hitting college or the workplace. It’s about more than just finishing school to “get it over with”; it’s about preparing the next generation to change the world, to stand firm in their beliefs, and to succeed…not merely survive.

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I Have a Goal

Goal setting is an amazing but underused tool. How many homeschool moms actually set goals for themselves and their families? I’m not talking about goals like, “finish the math book by the end of May.” I’m talking about real goals.

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Free Homeschooling Workshop for Central FL Homeschoolers!

If you live in the Lake Mary/Sanford/Longwood Area of Florida, you are invited to attend a FREE workshop…actually 2 interactive 45 minute workshops for both new and seasoned homeschooling moms!  (and dads too!) 

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