Teaching Government: God Gives Authority to Four

While homeschooling high school, Meredith and I teach our children government. This is an important class. All students must study it before graduating. We find it so important that we don’t wait until high school to begin teaching about government. My 17 year old son has actively worked on two presidential campaigns and taken the equivalent of three government classes. We also sprinkle more than just a few government lessons in our American History classes each time we cover the subject.

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Changing Lives – Changing Culture

The following article is reprinted with permission from Shirley & David Quine

In Acts 17 Luke records that as the Apostle Paul was walking through the streets of Athens his heart was stirred by what he saw. What would he have seen? The Temple of Zeus … Temple of Mars (Ares) … Temple of Dionsysis. Seeing these false ideas of the culture motivated Paul to speak out.

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