You Can Homeschool All Ages Together!

One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is that we can teach all of our children together. That’s called age integration. The World segregates kids into different ages to make them peer dependent, but we can allow the different ages to blend beautifully. While it is true that math needs to be taught sequentially, most other subjects are not grade specific. If you have a large family, it’s helpful for you to combine as many classes across the grades as possible. Let’s look at some examples.

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The Myth of Evolution

Evolution is a scientific hypothesis which states that through a series of tiny changes life has come from non-living chemicals. After a continuation of gradual minute changes increasingly complex and diverse life forms have been born. The culmination of all these modifications has produced the current collection of living organisms.

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I have these great drinking cups that I got each time I purchased a large soda at the deli in my local grocery store (Publix). They are plastic with a lid which locks on so that they don’t spill. It’s great because on any given day I can have my three pet birds, my four children AND my neighbors’ five children in my living room (all at the same time). The chances of my cup being knocked over are VERY high! They are shaped, and colored like an old fashioned coca-cola glass. They say Coke or Coca-Cola all over them, just like the old glasses. They have an opening for a straw like a fast food disposable lid. Although the cup in imprinted with a notice that they are for one time use only, they are good for months, if not years of reuse with proper cleaning, care, and plenty of fresh straws.

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Changing Lives – Changing Culture

The following article is reprinted with permission from Shirley & David Quine

In Acts 17 Luke records that as the Apostle Paul was walking through the streets of Athens his heart was stirred by what he saw. What would he have seen? The Temple of Zeus … Temple of Mars (Ares) … Temple of Dionsysis. Seeing these false ideas of the culture motivated Paul to speak out.

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