Homeschooling & What Can We Expect under an Obama Administration?

This is a newsletter from HSLDA.  Many of you have read it, but I see this as very important! 

What Can We Expect under an Obama Administration?

 Dear HSLDA Members and Friends of Homeschooling:

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I Knew He Was Brilliant

When my son, Cody, was two years old, he spoke with a speech impediment. He could not pronounce Ls. He admired “wions” and “wightbulbs” and he “woved” me very much. I’m glad he called me “Mommy” because he couldn’t say my name. If he attempted to say it, he would have called me “Waura.” This condition continued for years. Suddenly one day he walked up to me and said, “I love you.”

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Tomorrow is the Big Day in America

It is Monday morning and the sun is shining bright in Florida. Many of us have already voted because the polls have been open for early voting for weeks. I live close enough to a polling place to see how many people have been waiting in line each day to vote. There have been many! When Meredith and I went in last week to vote there were two people voting for the first time.

This is such an important election. Let’s all get out there and vote for freedom. Let’s vote for life. Let’s vote for a better America.