The little lambs are growing up and sometimes you are not sure who they are anymore. They feel the same way! There is so much growing and changing doing these years.

Their bodies are changing and hormones are raging. New feelings make life a little confusing.

These young men and women are becoming the people God has called them to be and now, more than ever, they need your love, support, and respect.

Communication is a huge key during these years. So, work hard on your relationship with your Middle Schooler. Leave time in the week to be together in a relaxed, unhurried manner so that if they want to talk, there is time.

As far as school goes, check on the reading, writing, and math. Are those subjects solid? If not, work on them together in a positive, upbeat way. Communication skills and research skills are a great thing to introduce or reinforce in a fun way. It’s also time to start exploring high school in an unhurried, relaxed way.

As far as their relationship with Jesus, they may have questions and doubts. Don’t let that worry you. This is a normal part of transitioning between the family’s relationship with Him and their own personal relationship with Christ.

Family relationships can sometimes be strained with the extra emotions, so make sure to walk through conflict in a biblical way. See Matthew 18. And keep an atmosphere of peace and joy in your home.

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