High School

Homeschooling High School

We love homeschooling high-schoolers!

Teenagers are bright, passionate, inquisitive, & full of energy. (Though they DO sleep a lot!) The teenage years are the time that relationships between parents and children blossom into adult lifetime friendships.

What fun it’s been to hang out with my own teenagers!

Homeschooling just gets better and better.

Don’t be intimidated by high school. You can do it!

And we are cheering you on!

Is your passion is to see your teens grow up to walk in their calling and destiny as children of God? Our passion is to see you and your spouse homeschool as an Over-comer, More-than-Conqueror, Confident Man and Woman of God! God can bless and anoint you to homeschool with JOY! Invest carefully in the treasure(s) that God has entrusted to you. Your teenagers are awesome men and women who can be used by God to change the world. Our hearts are for you. Know that you are loved and we are here to encourage you!

Homeschooling High School Graduation and College Preparation
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Homeschooling High School
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