Book Reviews

Books are amazing! We love to read in our house!

Here are some book reviews and expect more to come.

We want to introduce you to book we love, books we read, and books we’ve been given to review.

We highly recommend building your own homeschool library and spending part of your homeschooling budget each year growing that library.

Children’s Picture Book Reviews

Merey's Book Review - Everybody Always by Bob Goff
Merey's Book Review - Otter B Free
Merey's Book Review The Wonder of Creation
Merey's Book Review The Boxcar Children Readers by Albert Whitman
Merey's Book Review Carole P Roman Assorted Series
A Bear Called Paddington Book Review
Harry the Dirty Dog Book Review
Is Your Mama a Llama? Book Review
Lyle and the Birthday Party Book Review
Maybelle the Cable Car Book Review
Merey's Book Review What is Your Language?
Merey's Book Review Biblioburro
Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle Book Review
Petunia Book Review
The Color Kittens Book Review
The Legend of the Candy Cane Book Review
The Ugly Duckling Book Review
What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs Book Review
Thanksgiving Picture Books to Read Aloud
365 Bedtime Bible Stories Book Review
Book Review - The Story of St. Valentine
10 Beautiful Picture Books to Teach Childdren Colors
Christmas Picture Books to Read Aloud
Big Picture Goals for Reading
Geography Counting Picture Books Children Will Love
Inspire Your Children with Christian Super Hero Picture Books
Our Family's Favorite Picture Books
Inspirational Christmas Picture Books Your Children Will Love
8 Adorable Easter Picture Books to Read Aloud Blog

Children/Preteen Book Reviews

Merey's Book Review Imagination Station Islands Enemies
Merey's Book Review The Easter Storybook
Merey's Book Review Blue Skies West
Delightful Literature for Animal Loving Kids
Our Family's Favorite Geography Living Books
Merey's Book Review Jehovah's Mighty Acts
Merey's Book Review The Hidden Scrolls
Bertie's War Book Review
Hank the Cow Dow Book Review
The Missing Link Found Book Review
Sarah's Wish Book Review
Homeschool Curriculum Review of Zeezok's Stephen Foster His Little Dog Tray
Swiss Family Robinson Book Review
Hittite Warrior Book Review
The Himalayan Rescue Book Review
Books to Read Aloud at Thanksgiving
Sent to the Lions Book Review
The Story Behind the Story - The Noland Kids Adventure Series by MIKE CURTIS
Inspire Your Children with Christian Super Hero Biographies
Archaeology Resources Your Family Will Love
Ancient History Resoureces Your Family Will Love

Preteen/Teen/Adult Book Reviews

Merey's Book Review Douglas Macarthur
Merey's Book Review CS Lewis Master Storyteller
Merey's Book Review Milton Hershey
Merey's Book Review Lottie Moon
Merey's Book Review Prisoner of War
Merey's Book Review Pursued to Eternity
Merey's Book Review The Hidden Message of the Great Seal
Merey's Book Review Venturing with God in the Congo
Classics Every Christian Should Have In Their Library
Parents & Teens Choose Book Clubs Over Book Reports
Analyze Literature the Easy Way by Reading the Book and Watching the Movie
Merey's Book Review Adam and His Kin
Ben Hur Book Review
Zion Covenant Series Book Review
Of Plymouth Plantation Book Review
Around the World in 80 Days Book Review
Pilgrim's Progress Book Review
Prison to Praise Book Review
N or M Book Review
The Secrets of Ancient Man Book Review
The Genius of Ancient Man Book Review
Eternity in their Hearts Book Review
41 A Portrait of My Father Book Review
Pride and Prejudice Book Review
Books from Birth to College
100 Books Blog
What Are Western Literature Classics & Why Should I Read Them
Leaders Are Readers
5 Ways to Homeschool with Living Books
4 Ways to Bring Living Books Into Your Home School
My Favorite Books on Motherhood Blog
Writing Publishing Book Review
Homeschooling at the Speed of Life Book Review
Master Plan of Evangelism Book Review
Hidden Art of Homemaking Book Reivew
The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Book Review
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