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What a glorious privilege to belong to Jesus and be part of the Kingdom of God!

Along with our new relationship with Jesus and our incredible inheritance in Christ, we also receive a forever family!

The Family of God is vast and includes every believer on earth and already in Heaven who belongs to Jesus Christ. The Church is the joy of the whole earth! The church is gloriously advancing until the end of time. We will spend all of eternity together in perfect fellowship with one another and Jesus. Wow! That’s awesome!

In the visible church, the wheat grows up with the tares and the true believers will be separated out at Judgment Day. What does that mean? That when we visit a local church, it will be filled with believers (wheat) and unbelievers (tares). Some of the unbelievers will get saved and come to know Christ. But, sometimes we won’t know if someone is saved or not. That is not our problem. God will sort it out.

We are called to be part of the visible Body of Christ, so we plant in local churches where we receive ministry and serve others. Will you find a perfect church? No? But, then, are you perfect? No.

Look for a church where people respect God’s Word, the Holy Bible and preach truth from that Bible. Look for a church where the people love Jesus and one another; and where they are committed to sharing the Gospel and helping new believers grow up in their faith. Bells and whistles (programs, coffee and doughnuts, and a cool website) are great, but they really don’t matter much. Find a church that feels like home and plug in. You will be able to link arms with other brothers and sisters to turn the world upside-down with the Glorious Gospel.

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