The Good Shepherd has entrusted His precious little lambs to you.

Homeschooling is a blast! There is so much to learn and discover with your children.

These years are the years to explores, to get messy, to read aloud, to talk about things, to meet people from the pages of history, to experiment, to dress up, to act it out, to learn about Jesus.

In the early years, you want to lay a solid groundwork. Teach children to read and help them to become happy readers who can’t wait for the next book. Teach them math solidly so they understand it thoroughly.

Once those things are in place, add writing. For history and science, read aloud from all kinds of living books, experiment, notebook, draw it, act it out, dress up, make crafts, cook, bake, and act out battles. What a fun age of curiosity and excitement.

Whether you are homeschooling, planning to homeschool, or just considering it, this page is for you.

Solar-Powered Homeschooling

Top Ten Reasons to Homeschool

What about Team Sports

Timing is Everything

Joy & Success All Year Long

How to Choose Curriculum

You Can Teach All Ages Together

You Can Homeschool All Ages Together

The Myth of Evolution

How to Teach

How to Teach When You Don't Understand it Yet

Teaching Math

Big Picture Goals for Reading

Books from Birth to College

Teach Like Jesus - The Perfect Teacher

What is Classic Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning

How to Use Weekly Homeschooling Schedules

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Seven R's of Homeschooling

Help Homeschooling through Tough Times

Teach History & Science the Fun Way!

Jousting and Feasting at a Medieval Banquet

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Barbie into Mummy

Geography Co op Kick Off Travel Around the World

My Favorite Founding Fathers

Superhero David Brainerd

Learning from the Puritans & Pilgrims

Heroes for Jesus - Finish Well Radio Podcast #002

Happy Birthday America! Finish Well Radio Podcast #035

Heroes for Jesus Party Finish Well Radio Podcast #026

Jerusalem News - Finish Well Radio Podcast #016

Teach with Timelines

Learning History is More Fun in the Kitchen

Backyard Arch Dig

Make Your Own Cardboard Sundial

20th Century Splatter Painting

Miracle at Dunkirk

20 Century Transp Lab Grand Prix

Let's Have our Own Vaudeville Show

Read Your Way thru the 20 Century

The Hiding Place

Learning Everything is More Fun in the Kitchen

Literature for Life

Resources: Unit Studies

Celebrate Christmas with Cookies Unit Study

Celebrate Christmas in Colonial America Unit Study

Travel to London Unit Study

Quick and EZ Unit Study Fun

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims Unit Study

Resources: Teach History the Fun Way

Ancient History Cookbook

American History Cookbook

Travel God's World Cookbook

Ancient History Timeline

HIS Story of the 20th Century Timeline

Let's Have Our Own Archaeological Dig

Let's Have Our Own Medieval Banquet

Let's Have Our Own Ancient Greek Olympic Games

Let's Have Our Own Passover Feast

Let's Have Our Own Luau

Resources: How to Homeschool

Joyful and Successful Homeschooling book cover

Joyful and Successful Homeschooling Your Journey Workbook

Seven R's of Homeschooling

Quick and EZ Unit Study Fun

Travel the World Geography Lapbook

Homeschooling the Elementary Years