Finish Well 2013 Homeschooling High School Conference is coming!!

My husband had his heart set on seeing a real live castle when we visited the Netherlands earlier this month. It was truly exciting to see the refurbished castle, originally built in the Middle Ages.

As we enjoyed the tour of the castle, we learned that a baron had inherited castle ruins, but being married to a wealthy Rothschild heiress, he was able to have it rebuilt, refurnished, and restored to its former glory. What a beautiful home was created in the Gothic Style. We marveled at room after room filled with lovely statues, paintings, tapestries, porcelien, and rugs. We were amazed.

One thing struck my husband as odd though. When the baron began his work there was a church and a village right next to the castle he wanted to keep the church, but removed the village a few miles away. How much that reminded me of present-day America where we have removed our political sphere, public education, and popular culture from the Church and Christianity. Instead of the church setting the standards and giving wise counsel, the church tries to imitate the world. In spite of this, the world bashes the Church and Christianity at every turn.

I, for one, am tired of it! I want to see the beautiful, glorious Church of Jesus Christ rise up and make a difference in this world. Instead of copying this world, I long to see the church change the world around her. It starts with individual Christians and local churches daring to make a difference.

How about you? How about the upcoming elections? Have you prayed? Do you have the heart of God on how to vote?

How about your witness in your home, with your spouse and children? Is Jesus evident? Does your life confirm that God is real and the Bible is true?

By the way, have you registered yet for Finish Well ’13? We are offering a newsletter special until the end of this month. Registration is $25.00 if you write October 2012 Newsletter” anywhere on your registration form. You can download your registration form here. Would you like to tell others about FINISH WELL? Download a brochure here. Thank you for helping to spread the word!

Stand strong in these troubled times, be filled with His Spirit, and change the world for the glory of Christ!

SAT Prep

Laura is already working with teens preparing them to excel at their SATs: At Grace Homeschooler’s Friday Enrichment Classes, Laura Nolette has teamed up with Marti Pieper (a speaker from last year) to teach an S.A.T. Prep class. Students are learning ways to increase their scores. College prep tests are an important part of the college application process for homeschooled teens.

Laura is looking forward to sharing with you how you can help your own teens improve their college prep scores. Laura’s workshop, Preparing for S.A.T.s is offered during the first Breakout Session on Saturday.

Ulitimate Homeschool Holidays & Homeschooling Expo

Felice continues to minister to Homeschooling Families with plans for another expo during the Holiday Season. You will love the upcoming Homeschooling & The Holidays Expo! Be sure to mark your calendar for November 13-15, 2012.

All live sessions are free! You can purchase the complete subscription on the Ultimate Homeschool Website. Finish Well speakers Pastor Mike Curtis, Meredith Curtis, and, of course, Felice Gerwitz herself, will be speaking live at this holiday expo. Be sure to tune in! Remember the live sessions are free!

Finish Well Homeschooling High School Conference

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling! 

Meredith Curtis

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