The sun came up on another beautiful day in America. I am thankful that I am free to worship the Lord as I wish. I hear so many people complaining about politics, complaining about government and complaining, complaining, complaining. I would never want to live in any other country. This is a great place. I have definite opinions about a number of things. I also express them loud and clear and often. In America, I can! Hallelujah!!

I am also thankful that the Lord has offered me discernment so that I choose carefully where I express my opinions. I will take His discernment over mine any day. The Bible says that “[Jesus] is a stone that causes men to stumble . . . . because they disobey the message.” (NIV 1Peter 2:8) God has placed in the hearts of all an awareness of truth, an awareness of Him. When we reject Christ, we stumble. I don’t ever again want to be the stumbling stone, by my careless words, which causes someone pain, or worse yet causes them to fall.

I am inexpressibly thankful for my friends. They stand with me when I have tough times. They encourage me in the Lord. They stand with me as I give up sugar (WOW!! You don’t know how difficult that is until you try to give up all sugar after 30 years of constant use!). They stand with me as I return to “school”. They stand with me as I try to raise my Christian children in a decidedly non-Christian culture. We study the Bible together and pray. We worship together and pray. We discuss what the Lord is teaching us and how he is blessing us, and we pray together.

Thank You Lord for all You have done, all You are doing and all You will do in my life. The gift you gave me is the best I have ever received. None could compare. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


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