A Birthday, A Cake Mix, & A Bag of Crab Legs

My niece was spending the summer with us and it was her birthday.  The problem was that Mike was in seminary and we had NO money, not even money for extra food.  We were living on hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and eggs for dinner.  I really wanted her birthday to be special, but so far–nothing.  I woke her up and told her that I wanted to bless her for her birthday but had no money to buy anything for her, even food for a special dinner.

 “But God has lots of money,” I told her “And He can give us a special birthday dinner.”  Katie Beth nodded her head–even at the age of two, she trusted the Lord.

 Later that day, we went to a food pantry (kind of like Harvest International) where we paid two dollars for two bags of food.  That was the only day ever (it never happened before or afterward) that they had cake mixes there.  I chose a cake mix (her favorite flavor) from the “pick one” table and then a frosting can from another “pick two tables”.  God was soooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!

An hour later my pastor’s wife came by with a huge garbage bag size bag filled with crab legs.  Guess what my niece’s favorite food is?  You guessed it!  Crab legs!!!!!!!!!!!

 God cares about birthdays.

  “And God is able to do immeasurable more than all you ask or dare to imagine according to His glorious power that is at work within us.”  Eph 3:18. 

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  1. Autumn Says:

    That was very awesome thank you so much for sharing that.

    Praise Him


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