Government - God's Blueprint/Man's Agenda Class

I just got back from teaching my homeschool coop government class.  Laura (the other half of Powerline Productions!) teaches the class with me.  There are nineteen homeschooled kids in the class.  Most are 10-12th grade, but there are 2 sixth graders and some middle schoolers.  There are a great group of kids!

We opened in prayer today, praying for our nation.  What a blessing to know the Lord and trust him in such perilous times!

We are working in the election process as a way to learn how it works.  After we campaign each week, the children blog on our personal ning (only for parents and students in the class!)

We are campaigning until the election and then we jump into our government text:  “Land of Fair Play” from Liberty Press.  It is a simple textbook, no bells and whistles.  We will also be reading and discussing news from the newspaper and World magazine.  They will also be reading “Whatever Happened to Justice” and our our own children are reading a few extra books too.

We set up a page on my website with my class syllabus, book reviews, virtual field trips, and other goodies.  I wanted to give all of the you the opportunity to look at a high school government class that was designed to be fun (coloring in election results red and blue like the networks on TV) and innovative (using blogging instead of writing papers), yet traditional (reading living books and a textbook).  Anyway, feel free to look at and download anything you want on that page.  Hopefully, it will stir up your own ideas.  I’m so excited to studying government at such a critical itme in our nation’s history.

Here is the link to my government class page on my website:

God bless you all and our precious nation!  We need to intercede for her so much over these next three weeks.

Homeschooling with you for His glory!


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