My favorite music is worship music.  Listening to worship CDs is a delight.  First, I sing along and, then, the next thing I know–my mind is on Jesus and I begin to think of all the wonderful things He has done for me!  Soon I’m thanking Him.  Before very long, my heart is captivated by Jesus Himself and who He is captures my mind completely!  Our God is awesome!  How can we not sing songs to Him day and night when He has been so good to us?

My CD collection is HUGE and almost ALL worship music.  I look for music that is energetic & happy!  The lyrics that get my highest approval rating are those that speak what I wish I could say to the Lord myself.  I know a song will be a favorite when I read the words and say aloud, “I wish I had written this song for YOU, Father  God!  This is my heart for YOU!

Here are my favorite worship CDs.  What about yours?

  • This Generation (Sonic Flood)
  • Sing (Aaron Spiro)
  • Revival Generation:  Live & Unreserved (various)
  • Ardent Worship (Skillet)
  • World on Fire (By the Tree)
  • Savior King (Hillsong)
  • God of this City (Passion)
  • Arriving (Chris Tomlin)
  • This is our God (Hillsong)
  • Glo (delerious?)
  • By Your Side (Hillsong)
  • Illuminate (David Crowder)
  • Fuel (Analogue)
  • All of the Above (Hillsong United)
  • Brownsville Worship (Lindall Cooley)
  • Sacred Revolution (Passion)
  • Blessed be Your Name (Matt Redman)
  • Cutting Edge (delerious?)
  • Yesterday, Today, & Forever (Vicky Beeching)
  • Kiss of Heaven (Darlene Zschech)
  • More than Life (Hillsong United)
  • Adoration (Newsboys)
  • Devotion (Newsboys)
  • Cry Holy (Sonic Flood)
  • Deeper (delerious?)
  • Let Your Glory Fall (Revival Generation)
  • Offerings (Third Day)
  • World Service (delerious?)
  • See the Morning (Chris Tomlin)
  • Who You Are (Desperation Banc)
  • You are my World (Hillsong)

Don’t forget to sing YOUR praise to OUR God!  He loves to hear us sing!

For His Glory!


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