Homeschooling in December!

 The challenge for us in our December homeschooling to keep the focus on Christ. Each of us have creative ideas to share with one another. In our home, we have Christmas devotions that we do each year. They are very simple: read a Scripture, discuss some questions, and sing some Christmas carols. You are welcome to use them. Scroll down to Christmas–look for “Christmas Devotions” button!

We also buy gifts for baby Jesus and donate them to a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

On Christmas Eve, we enjoy a Traveling Dinner on Christmas Eve to remind us of the trip Mary & Joseph took. See my article on Take Root and Write: “Christmas Traditions: The Traveling Dinner.”

This article is about our first Traveling Dinner!  Look for other articles here on Christmas traditions!

 Singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus on Christmas morning after devotions and before opening presents reminds us that Christmas is about Jesus!

As we enjoy the hustle and bustle of the season, take time to relax, enjoy our children, and enjoy our dear Lord Jesus who laid aside His GLORY to become a tiny baby sleeping ont he hay!

 Blessings and hugs to each one of you!






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