One Vote

All across America people are already flocking to the voting booths. Early voting allows us to have our voice heard even if we can’t make it to the polls on the first Tuesday in November.

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2 Responses to “One Vote”

  1. jiffy11 Says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! Glad to find you here as well. This is the second blog I've come across that has multiple homeschool moms blogging on one blog…the other blog I stumbled upon a few days ago. I love that idea! Way to go Ladies! And I agree, this election is going to be….ugh…is all I can say.


  2. fruitbuns Says:

    Hi, Found your blog on THL the Jane Austen group!

    I am from Britain and couldn't agree more. I was watching recently the mayor of Miami speaking on our television. I can't believe how biased the media are here. They are Barrack Obama mad! If only we could vote.

    You certainly don't want what we have here, a Socialist government, who thinks it is O.K for two men to adopt. They think they are the parents of children, not the parents themselves. All based on a policy, which I believe is a grave threat to the Christians.

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