Good afternoon!

Is anybody out there?

I wouldn’t be surprised if all our readers have given us up for dead. Meredith has continued writing articles for the Take Root and Write digital magazine. I’ve been working hard with my own children, as well as the science and math students I’m helping from other families.

Next year I will be teaching an Introductory Web Design class with Grace Home Schoolers. So… my latest project is writing the workbook for that class.

Make a Joyful Noise: Music 101
This is going to be a busy summer. I’ll be completing the Introductory Web Design Workbook; we’ll be completing the newly revised second edition of Make a Joyful Noise: Music 101 Workbook. When we finish those workbooks Meredith and I will be putting the finishing touches on our Research Paper Workbooks. We’ll be producing a Junior High Research Paper Workbook, a High School Research Paper Workbook and a High School Literary Research Paper Workbook.

Keep your eyes peeled. We hope to have some very helpful products available to you soon!!

I look forward to writing to you again soon!!
Laura Nolette

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