Happy Memorial Day!

Today is the day to remember that the freedoms we have today have been bought and maintained with a high price.

Many died those first years in the New World. It was wild, untamed, and nothing like anything they had every known. Those brave men who crafted the Declaration of Independence knew that if this didn’t work out to start a new nation they would surely die for the attempt. They also knew that even if it did they may have to give their own lives for it to be accomplished.

I had ancestors who fought in the Continental Army. They were officers and foot soldiers. They lived through the conflict but many of their friends and loved ones did not. In recent generations I had a grandfather who fought in World War II, a father’s who served in the Vietnam conflict, as well as served on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea in the 1980’s while there was so much tension there. One of my uncles served in the US Navy for a long 20+ year career and another in the US Air Force for as long. My brother even spent enough years in the US Army to be sent to South Korea for a year, without his wife and baby daughter.

Memorial Day is for remember those who gave their lives for our freedoms. I would like to remind you today that ALL soldiers, sailors, and military pilots give their lives and their families lives to the United States of America for our freedom. Many of our military personnel are away from their homes and families six months or more out of every year that they are serving. I know my father, my brother, and my uncles did.

Please pray for those who have lost a loved one to the military and our nation. Also, please pray for all our military. Pray that those who are serving on foreign lands come home safely. Pray that their families be restored to them completely when they come home. My Dad, brother,  and Uncles were fortunate. They have finished their service, raised their families and even held their grandchildren (those who have them already). Let’s pray that all our military will be so blessed.

And please never stop praying for our nation.

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling! 

Laura Nolette

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